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Optimise IT Security

Strengthen the security management controls of your business’s intellectual property and enterprise data. Improve compliance and decrease risk.

Stop Cyber Threats

Decrease and prevent the threat from disruptive technologies, viruses, malware and hacking.

Protect Critical Assets

Protect your information assets, applications, data, users, identity, access, and IT infrastructure. Safeguard cloud and mobile devices while you work on the go.

Why InfoSec Marketplace?

Organisations are struggling to keep up with the dramatic rise of cyber crime as phishing and ransomware reach near epidemic levels. Information technology security budgets for many businesses are at breaking point and knowing what to buy, from whom whilst receiving the best value is difficult.

Businesses and their security executives are also being bombarded by cyber security consultancies and vendors trying to sell products and services pitched as the elixir to their problems. Many of these businesses don’t have the back ground knowledge or time to research value for money solutions which will make a real-world difference to their organisation.

This is where InfoSec Marketplace can help.

We match buyers with trusted suppliers in a competitive marketplace which saves time, improves quality and drives down cost.

It’s free for buyers and we guarantee a quality result.


We guarantee the right expertise and best practices to safeguard your business. When you make an enquiry all information submitted is fully encrypted and your data is always secure.

Cost Effective

Get competitive quotes for quality security solutions that suit your business’s unique requirements saving you time and money.


InfoSec Marketplace is a team of experienced and well-known technologists from the information security sector. Have complete peace of mind you will get the best possible and honest service from respected industry professionals.

Free Cyber Security Health Check

We match buyers with trusted suppliers in a competitive marketplace which saves time and drives down cost.